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Let's Talk About Your Leaky Ductwork
Posted: December 3, 2020 by Andy

Is your comfort escaping through your leaky ductwork? Don't worry - we can fix that!

Here at Ron the Furnace Man, we take ductwork very seriously. Our heating and cooling experts know what an important role your home's air ducts play in so many areas - your energy bills, your comfort, and especially your health. Though it's mostly hidden, your home's ductwork is crucial to your family's well-being. It's the network through which warm or cool air is distributed throughout your home. All of your conditioned air, whether it's warmed up or cooled down, must travel through your ducts. Because of this, it's essential to keep your duct system in tip-top shape.

What is ductwork, exactly?

Your home's ductwork - sometimes called air ducts - are corridors through which your warmed or cooled air travels back and forth to and from your HVAC system and the vents in your home. It's made up of a network of pipes and ducts. It's usually made of metal and has seams that are expertly sealed when your ductwork is first installed. Key areas may also be insulated to help minimize energy loss.

Why can't I see my ducts?

Most of your ductwork is hidden behind your walls or in places not frequently visited. You'll most likely never see the majority of it. Much of it is in the attic and basement ceiling. For most of us, ductwork is an "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" part of our home. However, this mindset can cost you money, compromise your indoor comfort, and even affect your health!

Why is it important to seal and insulate my ductwork?

Properly sealing and insulating your duct system prevents your home's conditioned air from leaking out before reaching its intended destination. According to the Department of Energy, most duct systems are only about 60-80% energy efficient. As we said earlier, your ducts are probably constructed from thin and easily dislodged sheet metal. It's common for air to leak out through any loose duct seams.

Duct insulation is important because it protects your ductwork from mold and mildew growth. The temperature difference between warm and cool air traveling throughout your home can cause condensation in your ducts, and that promotes mold and mildew. Insulating your ducts helps to regulate the temperature and prevents this scenario.

Why should I maintain my ducts?

Your ductwork can loosen and rust over time, and your insulation can lose its effectiveness, causing you problems. That's why it's so important to periodically have our experts inspect your duct system and address any leaks before they cause issues. Poorly maintained and leaky ductwork can cause a variety of problems.

You pay higher energy bills. Leaks in your ducts typically occur where the ducts are joined, and leaked air is wasted air. Your furnace and air conditioner expend energy - which you pay for - to heat or cool the air. When that air does not arrive at the desired parts of your home, your HVAC unit has to work hard to make up for the energy lost - you're basically throwing away money.

You're less comfortable. With conditioned air leaking from your ductwork, your inside temperature continuously varies and leaves you without the consistent comfort you expect. No matter how energy-efficient your heating and cooling system is, it won't provide comfort efficiently with leaky ducts.

Your health will suffer. Leaks cause undesirable particles from the air to infiltrate your duct system. That means contaminants like carbon monoxide, exhaust, fumes, and many other pollutants can enter your duct system and circulate throughout your home without you even knowing it - until you start experiencing respiratory issues, such as asthma or allergies. Duct leaks can aggravate health issues you may already have, as well.

Let us give your ductwork a clean bill of health!

Diagnosing and correcting leaky duct problems is something our professionals often do. It's a relatively straightforward process and one that'll significantly improve the comfort and health of your Northeast Ohio home. Our technicians are experts with ductwork and its installation and maintenance. Call us at 877-247-7661 or contact us online for help with your air ducts. We're always happy to help!

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